Lucky Oggie

Lucky OggieLucky Oggie is a reproduction of a doll from the early 1940s based on Og, the leprechaun from the Broadway play and movie “Finnegan’s Rainbow.”  The doll had been used extensively during that time period to promote the “March of Dimes” to obliterate the contemporary scourge of polio.  We no longer have to worry about polio and Lucky Oggie deserves a large part of the credit for that!

Barbara was approached by famous songstress Kitty Kallen to repair the doll that she had had for several decades and that had deteriorated to an almost unrecognizable state as you can see from the picture above.

After considerable research and effort, Barbara was able to reconstruct the doll to Miss Kallen’s satisfaction.  Only three Lucky Oggie dolls were made. Two are in the possession of Miss Kallen, one at her home in New Jersey and one at her home in Acapulco, Mexico.